Synchronous Objects

Have a couple of minutes to be completely fascinated???

This is a project that I wrote about last year in one of my classes and it’s worth your time (especially for people who think they aren’t dancers so they can’t discuss dance).

“Ready, set, discuss”: OSU Synchronous Objects

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Sneak Peak into New Work!

Hello Dance World!

So, it is with great confusion that I start a conversation about a new piece I am working on. I recently read a rather angry article by Dance Magazine Editor Wendy Perron about young choreographers blogging about their process. “click here to read it for yourself”: I understand her upset, but I think that she unnecessarily pits words against dance. They work together beautifully (when done right) and for someone like Perron who makes her life writing about dance – she makes an awfully black and white argument for this….

Also, I’m feet deep in a new book, “Bodies of the Text: Dance as Theory, LIterature as Dance” by Goellner and Murphy. You can imagine how amazing, confusing and challenging some of these ideas are. Thanks to my fellow dancer-scholar Hannah Krafcik for turning me on to this book. (check out her writing on the Dance Enthusiast website…).

Anywho….a new dance…(sorry Wendy, but here I go…)

In 1977, NASA launched two Voyager spacecrafts, each affixed with a gold-coated copper phonograph record as a “message to a possible extraterrestrial civilizations.” Each record contains 118 photographers, 90 minutes of sounds and music and some amazing salutations from them president Jimmy Carter the president of the UN and so on. It is both beautiful and desperate and I am recently obsessed with trying to find out what it says about time, preservation of time (an idea that has long plagued dance and its inherent ephemerality) and how it relates to the 2010 world (30 some years since the record’s inception).

Whew….I could go on for days about this, but I think that’s a great nugget to start the conversation. Also, “here’s a link to a short youtube clip” of a first sketch to some ideas. The words/lyrics are also some kind of fascinating….


(photo is the Pioneer Plaque that appeared on one of the records.)

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