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This time of year can only mean one thing for a dancer, the Nutcracker! Even the most laymen of theatre goers know about the Nutcracker, so the amount of hype and preparation that goes into putting on a full length ballet such as the Nutcracker its understandable. It’s all about pointe shoes, tutu’s, glitter, and yes, lot’s of overindulgent pirouette’s and fouette’s! When is was 5…I mean 15 this all meant a lot, but as a 25 year old modern dancer, the thought of having to perform the Nutcracker really never crossed my mind.

As most you Leopold Groupies know, we have wonderful relationship with the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra, and we were so happy to accept when they invited us to perform in their holiday performance. Now the catch, we will be performing to the oh so famous Waltz of the Flowers!

Having to create a modern dance to music that you’re so use to performing in one specific way has proven to be quite a fun challenge. At first rehearsal Lizzie played the music and asked us to improvise, what a mess that was! We all tuned into our inner ballerina and flailed around on our toes doing our “best” impression of the Joffrey Ballet, FAIL! That first rehearsal was longest 3 hours of my life. After a few hours of trial and error/ cut and paste we now have dance that will be nothing but fun to perform. For those of you that have seen us perform, I know you’ll recognize some of our moves.

The final product is nothing but a smorgasbord of Leopold group choreography that is sure to please the masses! See you on the 11th

Love, Nicole

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