86It’s beenTOO long! Here’s what I know….

1. We’re doing a show in August!!! We are finalizing plans to do a show the last week of August at the Menomenee Club’s Drucker Center. AWESOME. We are going to need anyone’s and everyone’s help with the choreography here, so stay posted. Yes – that’s right. We’re asking all of you to help us make the dances. Details to come. Be excited.

2. We’re performing in Dance Chance on May 2nd. We will be showing a new duet between Melissa & Nicole called “un(e) elephant(e)” inspired by portraiture. It’s a great opportunity and there will inevitably be other incredible artists presenting and a great conversation afterwards.

3. I started a new job at Audience Architects. It is an incredible organization that works to build audiences for dance in Chicago. I am the sole employee and help run their two websites, SeeChicagoDance and TakeChicagoDance. I am working hard and staying out of trouble.

More details on their way soon 🙂

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Dance Chance

So, last Monday I went to Ruth Page at 6pm for Dance Chance. It was all around awesome and inspiring. And the best part was, that we were chosen for next month’s Chance! May 2nd. Check out the link below to see our work in progress. I promise to explain the impetus for this piece. It’s a really fun new project.

Watch Melissa and Nicole

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