So, almost a year ago I was in the midst of planning Dancing and was pretty bummed to realize that there was another dance show happening at Links Hall on the same nights at the same times. Being pretty small potatoes in a rather intimate dance scene, I was anxious about dividing the audience between two shows and not being able to fill the theater. So, I took a deep breath and emailed Lauren Warnecke, the other choreographer, and we decided to work together to create a sort of dance show/bar crawl between our two venues. What an awesome idea! She was so warm and helpful and I hoped that it would not be the last time I worked with her.

Well, a year later I have the chance to work with Lauren again through her series Produce. Produce is a “multi-arts experiment in four parts.” Lauren and her partner-in-crime, Russell Weiss, invited a handful of dance makers and music makers to come together and create chaos. We dance a little bit, they make a little sound and the audience gets to decide how the two parts fit (or don’t fit).

This past Friday was our first go at it and we presented a trio version of a quartet we’ve been working on (last minute changes and scheduling conflicts turned a quartet into a trio). The trio is part of a larger work tentatively titled Sanctus Dominus Dressing Room (there’s a blog post in there too…more to come). It is scored by a Brahms String Quintet and is rather formal and abstract. But the beauty of Produce is that it reminded me not to take all of this modern dance (said with an English accent) too seriously. Lauren and Russell quickly replaced the Brahms with Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen. And it was as awesome/ridiculous as it sounds. Sid has to be seen to be believed, but here’s what his website says about him:

Sid Yiddish And His Candy Store Henchmen catatonically captivates audiences with experimental conductible washes of perspiring unconventional atonal sonance harmonic improvisation. They don’t always understand what they are creating, they know that you will.

Even an abstract dance to a classical piece of music has bountiful absurdity within it. Pirouettes and pointed toes are just as arbitrary as arhythmic gonging and Sid’s clip on payis.

If this doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will! You have three more chances to catch the chaos and force an inevitable duet between Sid and your favorite Leopold Group dancer….

Friday July 20, 27 & August 3 at 8pm
Fasseas Whitebox Theater
The Drucker Center
1535 N. Dayton St, Chicago, IL
Tickets: $8

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