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Last year around this time we did a Kickstarter Campaign leading up to our premiere of Dancing. It was a great success and for any generous donor who pledged $100, we promised to let him/her commission a video dance from us. Well, yesterday we began delivery on those promises.

A close friend and beautiful dancer in her own right, Roche Janken, donated $100 and asked this of us:

WHO: 4 or more dancers in monochrome costumes that are not particularly feminine or human (such as orange jumpsuits)
WHAT: dancing and shifting like water spiders on the surface of a pond
WHERE: on the roof of a parking garage or a parking lot or an equally flat and slightly desolate space, shot from far away
WHEN: does not matter
WHY: because i can rarely these days think of something i can watch young beautiful women doing but this sounds very nice

We did our best to deliver on her wishes. There were some unavoidable compromises: The jump suits we had access to were white. The desolate space happened to have lots of cars in it so the shots were pretty close up to keep the traffic out of frame. And well, the police were an unexpected addition. That’s right, police. Two friendly cops were VERY perplexed by our robot/space suits, “water spider” wriggling, video-camera toting selves. We tried to explain and then, in jest, asked them if they wanted to participate. Their response…to get out of the car and handcuff Natalia and Laura. Why, you might ask. I am still asking the same question. It was all in good fun and we hope to see these friendly officers at our next show…

As I am editing the footage, enjoy some stills from the shoot (more on our facebook page.) And Roche, we had a great time doing this for you and sorry about the surprise guests. The police apparently thought it all sounded very nice too!

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