The Leopold Group, a Chicago-based modern dance company, was founded in March 2005 by Illinois native Lizzie Leopold. Growing up dancing and choreographing in Chicago’s northern suburbs, Leopold left home in August 2002 to earn her BFA in dance from the University of Michigan. When she returned in 2005, she brought with her the Leopold Group.  

The mission of the Leopold Group is to create, promote, and produce modern dance performances that are available to the masses; to offer dance as an accessible, interesting and intellectual form of communication.

We love to share what we do! Come take a class, see a show or just shoot us an email. As Lady Gaga says so eloquently,

“Just dance.”

Interested in being a part of the Leopold Group?  Instead of holding annual, formal auditions, we like to invite interested parties into the rehearsal process with us for a mutual meeting of minds.  Send us an email with your resume and we’ll schedule a visit.  If it’s a good fit – you like us as much as we like you – we’ll invite you back to the studio.  And we’re always looking for dancers!