Joshua Paul Weckesser
Lighting Designer/Technical Director

Joshua Paul Weckesser is a Chicago-based lighting designer, production manager and stage manager. Working primarily in circles of dance, Josh’s designs have been seen across Chicago, the US and international borders. Josh works closely with Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak Dance Company as a lighting designer and core collaborator on the projects Eye Cycle as well as My Name is a Blackbird and the ongoing Stamina of Curiosity. He lit Sidra Bell’s Resoluta for River North Chicago Dance Company, with whom he serves as lighting director. Also lighting Why Gershwin? for Billy Sigenfield at Jump Rhythm Jazz Project, with whom he also serves as lighting director. Josh is also Production Manager / Lead Lighting Designer for the annual Dance Chicago Festival, Production Manager / Lighting Designer for the Chicago Human Rhythm Project and Lighting Designer for Be the Groove. Josh has also worked closely with other Chicago based companies such as DanszLoop Chicago, Corpo Dance Company and Inaside Chicago Dance among others. Recently Josh founded a production company, Bread & Roses Productions, dedicated to providing production support to stages filled with dancing everywhere.

Visit Josh’s site to see more of his work

My favorite dancing movie is: Step Up 2: The Streets. I’ve never seen it, but the use of to (2) as both a number and an indicator is strong.

My favorite non-dancing movie is: Superbad. It is the funniest movie of all time.

When I’m not dancing I like to: Light dancing. I actually don’t do a lot of dancing, just spending a lot of time around people who are dancing.

My favorite food: The flesh of my enemies. Cows.

Something you might not know about me is: I am still faking it until I make it.