A Hole Piece (2015)

A Hole Piece, a collaboration between visual artist Zoe Nelson and the Leopold Group exploring themes of wholeness, absence, and two-sided-ness, premiered in fall 2015 at the Cleve Carney Art Gallery.  Nelson’s paintings are arresting, emotive, and vibrant. Having cut large shapes out of her brightly colored, two-sided canvases, Nelson wanted to see bodies through the paintings (and vice versa). Working with the same ideas that inspired Nelson’s paintings, the Leopold Group created a dance installation to accompany Nelson’s work.  Peering through the canvases onto the dance with an almost voyeuristic curiosity, the event participants find a meditative exploration of wholeness through loss and discover the emotional weight of simple line and shape.

Choreography: Lizzie Leopold
Music: William Basinski, selected The Disintegrated Loops
Dancers: Amanda Dye, Michelle Giordanelli, Alyssa Gregory, Rachel Molinaro, Natalia Negron Stamm