Never Let Me Go. Go. (2013)

Never Let Me Go. Go. premiered at Dance Crash Chicago’s Duets for My Valentine in 2013 at the Athenaeum Theater. Lighting designer Joshua Paul Weckesser commissioned the work, writing a poem to be danced. Poet and dancer meet on the stage, one a memory of the other. As the poet remembers and reads, the dancer haunts his words, performing exquisitely controlled pirouettes and falls to the floor. Leaving his crumpled papers, his hat, his tie, his shoes in a pile – an imagined grave yard of things passed – the dancer finally finds herself curled up among his remnants too.

Examiner: “…an intoxicating combination of spoken word and emotional fragility.”

Choreography: Lizzie Leopold
Spoken Word: Joshua Paul Weckesser
Dancer: Amanda Dye
Lighting: Lighting by Joshua Paul Weckesser & Michael Goebel