• photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis

  • photo credit unknown

  • photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis

Alyssa Gregory

A native of Woodbridge VA, Alyssa A. Gregory received her BFA in Dance & Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. During her time at VCU she had the privilege of working with Tania Issac, Melanie Richards, Scott Putman, Amaranth Contemporary Dance Company and was in the Urban Bush Women reconstruction of Shelter. She also choreographed and presented in numerous student concerts at VCU. She received the 2010 VCU Arts Undergraduate Research Grant and helped produce and performed in the evening length production of LOCKEN. After graduation she relocated to Chicago, IL. Alyssa is a former member of The Moving Architects and Innervation Dance Cooperative. She has also worked with several independent artists within the Chicago area including EnidSmithDance and The Dance Team. Alyssa teaches various forms of dance at several studios around the Chicago area.

My favorite dance movie: West Side Story. It takes me back to my early dancing days when I was 100% about jazz dance.

My favorite non-dancing movie is: Super hard to pick. It’s a 3 way tie between Mary Poppins, The Breakfast Club and all of the Hary Potter films. If I’m ever sick in bed I will marathon all of those movies.

 When I’m not dancing: I’m probably catching up on the million television shows that I watch or online shopping. I am also a big fan of sitting on a patio with friends and drinking a good beer or two.

 My favorite food: Anything that my grandparents make. When it comes to holidays I put my menus requests in early. Also I have a deep deep love for bacon.

 Something you might not know about me is: I’ve never seen Scarface all the way through. Everytime I start it I either fall asleep or have to go do something else. But I did sign the tardy log in high school as Tony Montana a couple of times so I didn’t get detention for my millions of tardies.